Tips to Use Smart Business Card Perfectly

Tips to Use Smart Business Card Perfectly

You’re not alone if you’ve been mulling over your next smart business card design. There are a few tips to keep in mind and some lessons learned from the business card that helped make businesses successful. Here are a few suggestions to help you make your card stand out among the crowd. Consider adding video, enhancing readability, and using a color scheme instead of black and white.

Tricks to maintain readability

Smart business cards should have legible text. The text should be 8 points or smaller, with important elements being larger. However, leaving plenty of breathing space between text and important elements is imperative. Use contrasting colors to make the text easier to read. Use contrasting backgrounds, too. The golden rule for typography is the more legible the text, the more persuasive it is.

Adding video to your business card

Adding video to your smart business card has several benefits. It gives you a better chance to convince customers to buy your product or service. Videos convey vital information, which is impossible to say in words, and people are lazy to type long URLs. They are more visually appealing, but they also increase conversions by boosting your brand image. It’s important to remember that you need to balance aesthetics with functionality.

Colorful or black and white design

There are many options for smart business card design. You can opt for black and white or a smart color combination. In either case, a colorful card will make your brand memorable and easy to spot. A colorful design may use full-color backgrounds and deep saturation or print on colored paper. Colorful cards are also easy to spot, and cardholders will love them. Smart designs are elegant and feature sophisticated modern elements. They are not gimmicky and feature elegant fonts and subtle colors. Some designs are even adapted from the interior design world.

Adding social media

Adding social media to a smart business card is a great way to connect with your target audience daily. Social media has become the hub for most people, making it essential to incorporate it into your marketing campaign. While traditional business cards only allow for limited space, adding social media handles to them is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness and make them more likely to interact with you. You can find royalty-free social media icons online in your business card design.